SSL means Secure Sockets Layer. Having SSL enabled means securing connection between internet browsers and public websites, allowing you to transmit private data on the internet. Websites are secured with SSL when we see a padlock displayed in the browsers URL, and in the case of EV Certificate, a green address bar. Indeed, an SSL Certificate adds essential security and peace of mind to parties involved in online transactions.

So What is SSL?

So what is the purpose of SSL? The SSL Protocol is used all over the online space by businesses who want to keep their customers information secure and online transactions confidential. All standard web browsers can interact with SSL secured sites by sending and receiving confidential information in encrypted form.

Why do I require SSL on my website?

With the boom in online business transactions, there are many opportunities for hackers to commit cyber crime by stealing credit card details and personal information. Having your website secured by SSL means the connection between a client (ie web browser) and a web server is encrypted. Indeed, this makes it extremely difficult for a skilled hacker to ‘break in’ and access the information being transmitted.

What are the signs of a SSL secured website?

When a website is secured by SSL technology, visitors will see a padlock icon and “https://” in the web browser address bar. Furthermore, in the optimal case of Extended Validation SSL being installed, the address bar becomes green when a connection is made.

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