Service Level Agreement

Network & Power Uptime Service Level Agreement

CenterHop guarantees Network and Power Infrastructure up-time to be 99.9% per month. This guarantee assures that all major routing devices within our network are reachable from the global Internet 99.9% of the time. Up-time is broken down into monthly increments. 99.9% up-time per month equates to up to 43 minutes of unplanned downtime per month. ( If in any given month we fail to meet this guarantee a CenterHop customer is eligible for a credit on their current hosting account.

Network & Power SLA Conditions

You must meet the below requirements in order to be eligible for an SLA credit:

  •  Your account must be in good standing
  •  You must submit a ticket through our helpdesk to the sales/billing department
  •  All requests must be submitted within 5 days of the reported downtime
  •  All requests must contain a ticket # of the service interruption

Network & Power SLA Credit Calculation

SLA Credit will be generated as follows based on your monthly renewal price:

# Uptime Guarantee SLA Credit
1 99.9% Guaranteed
2 99.8% 10%
3 99.7% 20%
4 99.6% 30%
5 99.5% 40%
6 99.4% 50%
7 99.3% 60%
8 99.2% 70%
9 99.1% 80%
10 99.0% 90%
11 Less than 99.0% 100%

Network & Power SLA Exclusions

Many possible situations are completely beyond the control of CenterHop, and therefore are not in the scope of this SLA. These situations include:

  •  Internal services such as MySQL, Apache, PHP, etc.
  •  Scheduled downtime or planned maintenance
  •  Customer-controlled downtime
  •  Interruption of service due to unpaid invoices, abuse notifications and violations of TOS
  •  ISP or local connection problems
  •  Acts of Force Majeure

How to Report a Problem

Submit a support ticket from your client account at this link

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