CenterHop – Immunify AV+ is integrated into Shared Hosting

Immunify AV+ is integrated into Shared Hosting

According to data analysis of website setup in the last few years, the website is more and more popular in the world and WordPress is one of the most source code with 60% market share to deploy a website for companies and personal. Since, the themes shared system, plugin free or not free is also more popular than before. This is one of the reasons that your website is infected with malware when using the shared share themes and free plugins.

To enhance security and improve service quality, Centerhop has integrated the security technology ImunifyAV+ based on AI technology and Machine Learning technology. ImunifyAV+ is a security solution built on AI technology and supports scanning and removing infected files.

ImunifyAV+ is a premium version upgrade that provides both malware scanning and cleanup. For users using ImunifyAV+, the option to receive an email notification to the control panel’s administrator email address is available. With ImunifyAV+, you can automatically remove malware with one click due to the advanced file deobfuscation techniques. These enable the detection of encrypted malicious code embedded in files and can clean over 97% automatically. 

Details features:

  • Malware Scanning: Over 68% of hosting providers say that malware infection is a top issue for their customers’ web servers. ImunifyAV automatically scans file systems for malware injection and quarantines infected files.
  • Security Scanning and Patch Management: Imunify360 will detect outdated software components on your server and notify you about them.

Try ImunifyAV+ here:

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