Why you need to back up your server data?

Can you afford not to back up your server data?

Without a doubt, having your server backed up is paramount and needs to be done on a regular basis. Backing up your server data helps you to prevent potential data loss. Indeed, backing up your server data should come naturally to you, akin to switching off the lights before you go to bed. With the advancement in technology, there is now no reason not to do backup as the use of automated software spares you from the task of manually backing up your data.

Why do we need to back up regularly?

  1. The server data may include other users data or sensitive information:
    For example, if you are a hosting reseller and hosting a few web sites for your clients, or perhaps you run a social media website consisting of thousands of sensitive user information. All these people may not have done their own back up despite your reminders. As such, it is prudent that you take charge and ensure all the data is backed up.
  2. Backing up is not that costly:
    Weighing the benefits and cost of using backup services, it is indeed affordable given the choices of packages available to suit your needs and budget. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t just choose the cheapest package in the market. At the minimum, you should consider packages that offer backups on a separate server rather than your local server as backing up locally draws down on your system resources, takes up precious storage space, and you run the risk of losing it all if your local server should fail completely. In addition, you could also consider subscribing to offsite backup services that are cost-effective and may save your business from a permanent data loss.
  3. Always trust your own backup above all:
    Although you may be promised by your hosting company that your servers are fully secured, you should always be prepared for the worst, as we never know what can happen and when it happens. Bottomline, do your own backup and do it regularly.
  4. Easy migration for the future:
    Indeed, when it comes to time for migration of your data for various reasons, the whole process is much quicker if you have been doing regular backups, saving you time and money at the end of the day.

Why choosing CenterHops’s backup solution is the right choice?

We back up all data to a separate server and never store them locally.

We are integrated with R1Soft technology that is based on server side processing, uses block device backup and processing by server side, requires an agent to be installed on your server, and has the net effect of reducing overall usage of your resources.

Option for Offsite backup: We can support replication to remote locations in other local or regional Tier-3 datacenters.

Our backup service plans are reasonably priced, secure and reliable.

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Why we choose to integrate R1Soft into our backup solution?
  1. Block based back up technology:
    A big step up from traditional backup solution. Furthermore, R1Soft’s technology allows back up at the block level instead of the file level. This feature shortens backup windows and reduces disk I/O compared to file-based full and incremental backups, performs backups as often as at 15 minutes interval, with no performance penalty for servers having a large number of files.
  2. AES encryption:
    Grants backup data access to only the holder of master key.
  3. Self-restoration:
    Clients can perform full restoration anytime.
  4. Restore single files or any specific database:
    In comparison, for traditional backup solution, user has to restore all single accounts (i.e. source code and database).
  5. Bare-Metal Disaster Recovery:
    Restore servers directly from disk-based, block-level backups.
  6. Automatic:
    Save time and money, as backups are generated automatically and continuously.
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